Preparing Your Home for Winter in Minneapolis, MN

There are many things that you should keep in mind in terms of home insurance in Minneapolis, MN. Because this is an area where it gets very cold in the winter, and the seasonal changes are fairly extreme, you should keep in mind the effects that that could have on your home and potentially your home insurance. However, you can minimize any negative effects by taking care of your home appropriately for each seasonal change. The following are a few of the things that you can do to prepare your home for the autumn and winter seasons in the state of Minnesota.

One thing you should do is make sure to get rid of any accumulated leaves and other dead vegetation. This could end up clogging your drainage systems if you have a rainy autumn, and it can be a risk for fire if you have a dry autumn. You should also prepare for pest control, considering that with the cooler months, insects and animals from outside will be looking for warm places of shelter. These are both things that could cause serious damage in your home that could actually end up not being covered by your home insurance policy. Preventing the damage from occurring in the first place could end up saving you a lot of money.

If you have any questions about what you should be doing to prepare your home for fall or any other season, you can contact the professionals at Calhoun Risk Management LLC. The agents at Calhoun Risk Management LLC can advise you as to how you should be taking care of your home in the fall in Minnesota. As such, if you are a resident of Minneapolis, MN, you can expect these agents to be able to tell you what you need to know in order to be as safe as possible financially when it comes to hazards in the home.

Is Data Insurance Worth it?

From the Minneapolis Institute of Arts center to the Guthrie Theater, there is always something unique to do in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With more than 400,000 residents calling Minneapolis home, there is no wonder why business seems to be bustling as well. Traditional businesses and online businesses see the value in Minneapolis, and they see the potential to make money.

For businesses with an online presence, there are added risks. Data breaches are happening all over the world and affecting all types of businesses from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. What should businesses do in the face of threats to their customers and proprietary information? Is data breach insurance right for your company?

What is data breach insurance?
Data breach insurance is commercial insurance that reimburses your businesses if your data is compromised. Although data breach insurance cannot stop a cyber-attack it can help cover some of the costs of getting your business back operational if a data breach happens? So, is data breach insurance right for your company? If you do a lot of business online, or if you store a lot of information about your business online, then data breach insurance is critical for your business.

How to get data breach insurance?
The easiest way to get data breach insurance is to contact your local insurance agent. Local agents are aware of all of the business insurance products their companies offer and are there to advise you on which one is most beneficial to you. If you find that your company is exposed and you don’t want to be responsible for covering the costs of protecting your customers alone, call us, your local insurance office, to get an insurance quote immediately.

Is Your Sinking Minneapolis, Minnesota Porch Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Your Minneapolis, Minnesota house faces a wide range of threats. There are the meteor logic extremes in the state like our brutal winters and our heat of the summer. We can experience high winds and flooding can be a problem. Then there are the other threats like fire, break-ins and vandalism. One of the more costly problems you can face is caused by the shifting earth under your home. This is when a sinking porch or foundation can cause cracks in walls and difficult to close doors and windows.

If you don’t know which of these circumstances are or are not covered under your homeowners insurance, it may be time for a homeowners insurance review. A review can freshen your memory about your coverage and expose gaps before you have a claim. Calhoun Risk Management is an independent agency that can review the policies of any company. We can take the unknown out of your coverage and assist you in finding the coverage that will bring you peace of mind.

You can get comparative quotes on your homeowners and auto insurance right from our website. Just answer a few questions and we will get to work searching multiple carriers to find an appropriate policy at the best possible price. Of course, if you would like an insurance review contact us.

Calhoun Risk Management is pleased to serve the entire Minneapolis area. We offer a complete line of risk management products including auto, home and life insurance. We also have risk management products for businesses in the region. Our status as an independent agency allows us to work for you, not an insurance company. Contact us today with your risk management questions, and to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

3 Tips For Keeping Car Insurance Affordable With A Learner’s Permit

Minneapolis is the largest city within Minnesota. There is a population of more than 400,000 with plenty of things to do. Many homes throughout the area are higher than state average, but there are suburbs on the outside of the metropolitan that are more affordable.

When you are shopping for car insurance, particularly after adding a learners permit, there are some tips to follow. This ensures you get the best price on a policy. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending more than what is absolutely necessary.

Work with Agents

Agents are going to be able to help you with car insurance in areas that you hadn’t thought about. This includes adding a learner’s permit, talking to you about the different companies, and showing you what the risks are in Minneapolis. You may even end up adding coverage to your policy for added protection.

Share all Information

You will want to share all your information with the insurance agents. This includes the grades of the person with the learner’s permit, any organizations that you belong to, and anything else you may think is pertinent. Car insurance companies will often give discounts and you want to be able to cash in on as many of these as possible.

Compare Rates

It’s always a good idea to compare rates for insurance in Minnesota. You never know which company is going to have the lowest rate for you. By doing some comparisons, you can get a quote from each company that offers insurance in Minneapolis. You will see who has the highest and the lowest rates and then make a more informed decision.

When you need car insurance with a learner’s permit in Minnesota, contact us today. One of our agents will work closely with you to find a policy you can afford.