First-Time Car Insurance Buying Tips

When you are purchasing car insurance for the first time, you may have many questions. At Calhoun Risk Management, serving Minneapolis, MN, our agents can help. Here are a few first-time car insurance buying tips that can help you when it comes to purchasing your first policy. 

Take the Time to Get Quotes From Multiple Companies

Prior to purchasing any auto insurance policy, it is wise to get quotes from multiple companies. This helps you get a feel for how much auto insurance may cost and what types of auto insurance policies are out there. Pay close attention to not only the price but the reputation of the company who is issuing the auto insurance policy as well when you are comparing quotes. 

Educate Yourself on Auto Insurance Lingo

Auto insurance companies may use a lot of lingo that you may not be familiar with. Prior to shopping for auto insurance, take the time to read up on different auto insurance terms that are frequently used in the industry and what the meaning of these words are. This can be vital to helping you understand exactly what you are agreeing to and getting when buying a car insurance policy. 

Carefully Consider Deductible Amounts and Coverage Limits

Lastly, take the time to carefully consider the available deductible amounts and coverage limits. Every person has different needs, and as such, their deductible needs and coverage limits vary. You want to find a policy that works best for you and provides you with the coverage you need, so carefully consider these two important factors. 

Now is a great time to get started buying your car insurance policy. When you are ready to get started, we are here to help. Contact Calhoun Risk Management, serving Minneapolis, MN now. 

How much auto insurance do you need in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis, MN is best known for its lakes and parks that create a balance between city life and nature. The Mall of America is another attraction that draws thousands of tourists to the city every year. 

With so many newcomers and short-term visitors, you may begin to wonder if your insurance policy is enough to accommodate the steady flow of people. Calhoun Risk Management can help you figure out a few things. 

Minnesota Auto Insurance Requirements

The state of Minnesota requires all residents operating a motor vehicle to have auto insurance. The specific requirements of the rule are as follows:

  • Auto owners should have coverage that pays at least $30,000 for bodily injuries in an accident;
  • Insurance holders must have enough coverage to pay for at least $10,000 worth of property damage; 
  • An overall policy limit must be for at least $60,000 for damages in an automobile accident. 

Of course, if you are fully responsible finance-wise for all damages incurred by yourself and the victims if you are found at-fault for an auto accident. The above stipulations should be considered as the bare minimum for drivers. 

Should You Go Beyond The Minimum?

Some drivers find that they do not have enough insurance to cover an incident after the catastrophe has occurred. Imagine yourself thinking that your indemnity policy will be enough to pay for you rear-ending someone only to learn that you must come up with thousands to cover the portion of the cost that your assurance company did not pay out. 

After an accident is not the time to discover that you are underinsured. You should speak with a representative at Calhoun Risk Management today to learn about the policies and procedures regarding auto insurance so that you can find the policy that is right for your lifestyle. Speak with an agent today!

Vehicle Upgrades that Save You on Your Insurance

After purchasing your current vehicle, you do not need to let it simply sit as-is. There are plenty of after market features you can install on your vehicle. This doesn’t mean you need to trick it out or anything of that nature, but you can save some money on some of these improvements. At Calhoun Risk Management, we are all about helping you save money on insurance while living in Minneapolis, MN, so take advantage of these upgrades that may help you save on auto insurance. 

Car Alarm

Have an older vehicle without a car alarm, or maybe the model trim you purchase didn’t come with the feature? Have one installed. A car alarm reduces the chances of someone stealing the vehicle, which cuts down on insurance costs. 

GPS Tracking System

A GPS tracking system within the vehicle will make it easy to monitor any movements of the vehicle, should it be stolen. This way, the vehicle can be located before it is chopped or stripped of parts. With this feature insurance companies will have less of a chance of paying for a replacement vehicle, which in turn saves you money. 

Rim Locks

One of the areas of a vehicle most commonly stolen is the rims. Pristine rims can go for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the secondary market. In order to prevent your vehicle from being such a target, rim locks are a must. With a rim lock, the only way the wheel can be removed is with a special, dedicated key used with the lug nuts on the wheel. Without the key it is impossible to remove the wheel without damaging it, rendering it worthless to those stealing it. 

From a GPS system to rim locks, we at Calhoun Risk Management want to help you save money on your Minneapolis, MN auto insurance. 

Auto Insurance tips for drivers in Minneapolis MN

In Minneapolis, MN, you will probably need a car to get around, even though there is access to some public transportation. So if you are a driver, you will need auto insurance of some kind, preferably from a local broker like Calhoun Risk Management who serves the greater Minneapolis area. There are a variety of different types of auto insurance available and below are some tips for those with policies in Minneapolis for what type of policy to set up, based on what type of car they drive, how often they drive or what type of coverage is most suitable for them.


This is an absolute must for any driver on the road in Minneapolis, MN because it will protect all of those involved in the event of an accident. This is the minimum insurance one needs to legally drive in Minnesota, and it covers the physical damage to other vehicles or medical damage up to a certain amount when an accident is deemed to be your fault. Make sure this aspect of your auto insurance policy is always in effect while driving in Minneapolis.


The most expensive part of any bad auto accident can usually be the medical costs those involved may incur. The cost of repairing the vehicle itself will be nothing compared with medical bills for someone who is seriously injured, so if you drive a lot or are worried about the cost of bodily injury to yourself or someone else, this bodily injury policy is a good addition.


It may also be a good idea to have coverage for your car catching on fire or being stolen in a place like Minneapolis, MN, as cars tend to overheat in the summers here and there are a large number of people in this big city, making theft more likely.

Understanding Road Rage and How You Can Avoid It

Road rage is aggressive driving. Some behaviors associated with road rage include tailgating, driving through yellow and red lights, and speeding. It’s important to note, anyone can have road rage at any given moment while driving, so it’s important to recognize when you are driving aggressively and back off. The following are a few ways you can avoid road rage.

Tip #1. Relax when you are driving.

One of the main components of road rage is anger or an irritated state of being. With an increasing amount of angst behind the wheel, you are more inclined to be aggressive towards other drivers. Instead of giving into your emotions, our team at Calhoun Risk Management suggests you try to relax behind the wheel. One easy relaxation technique you can use is taking deep breaths. By breathing deeply, you can help your muscles relax and ease your mind.

Tip #2. Pull over and calm down.

If you find that you are getting increasingly agitated while driving, you may find it fitting to pull over. You can stop at a park, grocery store, or a gas station while you wait for traffic to thin out. Pulling over is similar to relaxing behind the while, but pulling over gets you out of traffic immediately.

Tip #3. Plan ahead ,so you are not running late.

Another major contributor to road rage is lateness. When you are running late for work or an appointment, you feel a sense of urgency to get there. Set your schedules earlier than your actual appointment so that you are always on time. In doing so, you increase the chances that you make it to the appointment safe and without injuring others.

At Calhoun Risk Management, we value your safety. Give us a call to inquire about how we can protect you further with driving tips and auto insurance solutions.

Coverage Needed for a Hit & Run

When you live in Minnesota, auto insurance is required for you to be on the roads. However, you can choose how much coverage you add beyond what the state requires as a minimum. If you are involved in a hit and run, there are various types of coverage you want to make sure are a part of your policy to avoid paying a lot out of pocket.

#1: Collision

Collision coverage is very common among policies. While it is not required by the state, is easily added onto a policy. It’s going to cover auto repairs, regardless of fault. This means that you can save a lot of money by not having to make the repairs on your own.

#2: Uninsured Motorist

While people are required to have insurance, not everyone does. If you get into an accident where someone doesn’t have insurance, you will want uninsured motorist coverage to ensure that medical bills are paid and car repairs are made. During a hit-and-run, you can’t get their insurance card and therefore this is important coverage.

#3: Personal Injury Protection

PIP is affordable protection that can cover medical bills, time away from work, and even child care if you are unable to take care of your kids. It covers for you and passengers.

#4: Medical Payments Coverage

This is yet another form of coverage that you can add to your auto insurance policy. It can go above and beyond any other limits that you may have blown through because of high medical bills. It can cover payments for both you and the passengers who were in your vehicle during the hit-and-run.

Contact us at Calhoun Risk Management to learn about coverage inside of an auto policy. We can answer questions you may have about insurance in Minnesota and help you find a great auto policy today.



3 Cost-Saving Strategies for Millennials for Car Insurance

Columbia Heights, Minnesota is a great place for Millennials to call home. With less than 20,000 residents, starting their lives in a small town will limit your exposure to risks, which will make life much easier for you. Another way to protect yourself from the risks life hurls at you is by purchasing car insurance with our local agent. Although car insurance can be expensive for a millennial who is already strapped for cash, our insurance office encourages you to take the following steps to get the best insurance quotes for your auto insurance.

Use Technology to Monitor Your Driving
There are many smart apps available that will allow you to monitor how you drive. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or you simply are driving to and from work, you can use these apps to ensure that you have a safe driving experience at all times. Although most of these apps are geared towards parents, who says you cannot use them when you are trying to self-monitor to keep costs under control? Consider the following apps to improve your driving technique and to lower your insurance costs.
•    Safe Driver
•    Steer Clear Mobile
•    AT&T Drivemode
•    Sprint Drive First
•    RoadReady
All of these apps are all readily available on a smartphone near you. Over time, these apps will help you reduce your risks and lower the cost of your insurance premiums.

Improve Your Credit Rating
Credit scores are used for many things, including rating your insurance risks. Whether you are operating a business or you are concerned about the insurance premiums you pay as a consumer, improving your credit score will help lower the costs of insurance. If you are no longer viewed as a credit risk, then you will not have to pay higher premiums for your insurance coverage. 

Remain Loyal to Your Insurance Company
It pays to be loyal to your insurance company. Many insurance companies have developed loyalty rewards discounts that decrease premiums or deductibles with each passing year. The longer you remain with the company, the less you pay. When you are calling around for quotes make sure you ask about all the discounts available to you to ensure you get the best value for your insurance coverage. 

When you are ready to get a quote do not hesitate to contact our local office for insurance in 55421. We have reputable agents ready to assist you with all of your insurance needs.

3 Tips For Keeping Car Insurance Affordable With A Learner’s Permit

Minneapolis is the largest city within Minnesota. There is a population of more than 400,000 with plenty of things to do. Many homes throughout the area are higher than state average, but there are suburbs on the outside of the metropolitan that are more affordable.

When you are shopping for car insurance, particularly after adding a learners permit, there are some tips to follow. This ensures you get the best price on a policy. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending more than what is absolutely necessary.

Work with Agents

Agents are going to be able to help you with car insurance in areas that you hadn’t thought about. This includes adding a learner’s permit, talking to you about the different companies, and showing you what the risks are in Minneapolis. You may even end up adding coverage to your policy for added protection.

Share all Information

You will want to share all your information with the insurance agents. This includes the grades of the person with the learner’s permit, any organizations that you belong to, and anything else you may think is pertinent. Car insurance companies will often give discounts and you want to be able to cash in on as many of these as possible.

Compare Rates

It’s always a good idea to compare rates for insurance in Minnesota. You never know which company is going to have the lowest rate for you. By doing some comparisons, you can get a quote from each company that offers insurance in Minneapolis. You will see who has the highest and the lowest rates and then make a more informed decision.

When you need car insurance with a learner’s permit in Minnesota, contact us today. One of our agents will work closely with you to find a policy you can afford.

Getting Behind the Wheel Overseas: Rules of the Road

When making international travel plans, you need to figure out how you will get around while visiting another country. If you wish to rent a car and drive on your own while abroad, you must know the country’s motor vehicle laws in order to avoid any legal problems.

Gather the Right Paperwork

In many countries, a U.S. issued driver’s license will not be accepted. Instead, you’ll need to pay a small fee in order to get an International Drivers Permit. This permit translates your license into 10 foreign languages and can be obtained through AAA and the National Auto Club by showing your license and providing the organization with two passport-sized photos. Along with your new permit, you should still bring your driver’s license, passport, registration, and insurance documentation while traveling.

Being Prepared for the Foreign Roadways

Find out the type of car you will drive ahead of time when traveling abroad since agencies may have only manual transmissions available for rent. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom and Ireland, drive on the left side of the road. Since this can be confusing to Minnesota drivers who are used to driving on the right, start off by traveling through less populated areas. Most countries have seatbelt laws and drunk driving statutes, so always buckle up and don’t drink and drive.

Get Insured

Auto insurance policies obtained through foreign rental agencies may offer only minimal coverage. Make sure the insurance policy you choose has similar coverage as you have in the U.S. and you’ll stay covered in case you cross any borders while traveling abroad.

Don’t get caught driving overseas without the right amount of personal auto coverage you need to stay protected. The independent agents at Calhoun Risk Management serve Minneapolis, Minnesota and will go over the coverage options you should have when planning to rent a car abroad.