Should You Update Your Home Insurance Coverage?

If you own a home, you should review your insurance annually to make sure you still have the coverage you need. If your home’s gone up in value, your current coverage may be insufficient to replace it if it’s destroyed in a disaster. An agent from Calhoun Risk Management in Minneapolis, MN can help you determine if and when you should update your coverage. Here are a few reasons why an update may be needed.

Major Renovations

If you made major renovations to your home last year, you need to add them to your insurance coverage so that they’re protected against unforeseen disasters. This requires an update to your policy.

Increased Home Value

Renovations like a new roof or kitchen remodel could raise the value of your home. If so, you may need to raise the limits on your coverage to fully protect your property. Ideally, you should have enough dwelling insurance coverage to replace your home, if necessary, due to a disaster. Without adequate coverage, you may need to dip into your savings to help cover home repair or replacement costs.

Pricey Gifts or Purchases

If you purchased expensive goods or received pricey gifts such as jewelry, fur coat or fine art over Christmas, you need to confirm that they’re fully covered under your personal property coverage. The value of these goods may go beyond the limits of your standard homeowner’s policy. If your current policy doesn’t provide sufficient coverage to replace these goods in the event of theft or loss, you can obtain an endorsement or floater to protect these valuables.

To ensure your home and personal goods have the protection they need, contact Calhoun Risk Management in Minneapolis, MN. We’ll provide you with quality home insurance coverage at a reasonable cost.