Checklist for Homes in the Fall

Here at Calhoun Risk Management in Minneapolis, MN, we know how important it is to get your home ready for winter.  For that reason, we have put together this short checklist for you so that you won’t forget anything.

If you have any window air conditioning units, go ahead and take them out of the windows.  If you have to leave them in the windows, it is important to remember to cover the entirety of the outside of the unit to keep the internal components from freezing.  You also might want to vacuum out the interior of the unit.

Clean out your dryer vents.  Lint can and does get built up in dryer vents…it is a fact of life.  Not only can this lead to your dryer working less efficiently, it can also cause fires…especially in the winter because cooler weather causes an increase in static electricity…which can spark those fires.  You can do this on your own or hire a professional to do it for you.

Clean out the down spouts and gutters.  While you are doing this, check them for any issues.  Repair the issues or replace the equipment as necessary.

This is also a great time to give your kitchen a good deep clean.  This not only makes it look great, it also keeps everything working efficiently.  You can degrease your range filter and hood, clean out the over, clean the small appliances, vacuum your refrigerator coils, wash the recycling and garbage cans, scrub the grout and tile, wash the backsplash and walls, and even clean the light fixtures.

Conduct an audit of energy.  You can call in a trained auditor who can assess the energy efficiency of your home.  Once they do this, they will provide you with a list of improvements to make that can include anything from getting new Energy Star appliances to beefing up your weather stripping or insulating the attic.