Be Prepared on Your ATV

ATV trips can be eye-opening, exciting, and even life-affirming. However, they can also be life-threatening if something goes wrong in the wild. This is no reason to reduce ride time, but it is a great reason to apply ingenuity when it comes to preparing for disaster to strike. From a flat tire, to a bodily injury to be prepared means getting out of a jam can be as simple as pulling out the right supplies. 

How to Get Creative and Be Prepared For Anything on Your ATV

  • When it comes to enjoying a ride on your ATV, it should be looked at much like a hikers bag, or a wagon cart. Fit as much in and on it as possible, without hindering comfort or design. This means every use of space is used, and every thing that is chosen to come along is chosen with much thought as to its value vs. space. 
  • Think of bodily and vehicular emergencies. A very useful first aid kit can be stored in a container as small as a pill bottle. Obviously, you would want as much first aid material as possible, so you would probably choose something larger, the point is do not leave out materials for a medical emergency. A basic tool kit to make minor repairs to the ATV, can mean not walking out of the deeps woods? But what if you do have to stay the night? A survival blanket folded and taped under the seat and bottled water can mean life or death. Plan for any eventuality. 

Calhoun Risk Management can help you get great insurance for your ATV, so you have on extra thing to provide piece of mind while exploring the beauty of the rugged country side.