Is Data Insurance Worth it?

From the Minneapolis Institute of Arts center to the Guthrie Theater, there is always something unique to do in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With more than 400,000 residents calling Minneapolis home, there is no wonder why business seems to be bustling as well. Traditional businesses and online businesses see the value in Minneapolis, and they see the potential to make money.

For businesses with an online presence, there are added risks. Data breaches are happening all over the world and affecting all types of businesses from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. What should businesses do in the face of threats to their customers and proprietary information? Is data breach insurance right for your company?

What is data breach insurance?
Data breach insurance is commercial insurance that reimburses your businesses if your data is compromised. Although data breach insurance cannot stop a cyber-attack it can help cover some of the costs of getting your business back operational if a data breach happens? So, is data breach insurance right for your company? If you do a lot of business online, or if you store a lot of information about your business online, then data breach insurance is critical for your business.

How to get data breach insurance?
The easiest way to get data breach insurance is to contact your local insurance agent. Local agents are aware of all of the business insurance products their companies offer and are there to advise you on which one is most beneficial to you. If you find that your company is exposed and you don’t want to be responsible for covering the costs of protecting your customers alone, call us, your local insurance office, to get an insurance quote immediately.